Teeth Whitening

Having a beautiful smile may be even easier than you think. Many people achieve the look they’ve been dreaming of with our simple “whitening” procedure.

What are the details of teeth whitening?

It’s safe, quick, and inexpensive. Just let us know at any appointment if you would like to whiten your teeth.

In only a day or two your custom whitening trays will be ready for you to pick up. We provide you with a special whitening agent that you put into the clear trays. With only a few hours of wear per day, our special whitening agent bubbles stains right out of your enamel in a very short time without altering tooth structure or existing dental work in any way. When your teeth reach the desired brightness, only occasional “touch-up” treatment is needed to maintain your new smile. 

How is teeth whitening done?

Using the latest in whitening technology, we can offer a safe method for creating a beautiful “brilliant” smile.  An impression is taken to make a custom “tray” to hold the whitening agent against your teeth. The material is used each night for about 1-6 hours for a week or two, and at the end of this time, significant whitening will occur.  In cases of extreme tooth discoloration, crowns or porcelain veneers may be more appropriate. 

Considerations for Teeth Whitening

Existing dentistry such as bonding, crowns and veneers will not change color with tooth whitening.  Some patients have intense intrinsic stains (such as from tetracycline exposure in-utero) and these stains will not respond as well to tooth whitening.